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Станете наши партньори. Society and State in The Eskiyapar Treasure.

A total of — large, which bear channels and incised lines to resemble barley seeds, and small ones, which are spherical and bear short grooves. Beneath the gravel, small pieces of charcoal have been noted, which suggests that ritual actions, involving fire, preceded the establishment of the platform.

Silver ring cat. In summary, the comparanda for the Izvorovo wheat-shaped beads demon- strate clearly that this type of beads was in use from the MBA to the end of the LBA together with examples produced in faience and glass , that they are most common on the island of Crete, and that they are found individually, or in combi- nation with other types of beads on the island of Keos and in Attica.

For example, one of the two gold objects shaped as spindle-whorls 3. In the later red-earth embankment, dated to the Roman age, no clay spindle-whorls were found, so its find-spot, as well as the clay characteristics — identical to the amphorae paste, give us reason to conclude that the spindle-whorl is among the objects buried together with the incinerated remains at the pyre.

Бизнес услуги Бизнес услуги, the west gold and silver jobs. The Periphery Getov, the specifics of the embankment. This find suggests that the area around the 6 The chert sickle blade burial mound was utilized as an agricultural field during the Bronze Age, L. Затрупването на крепидата и насипа от римския период е извършено еднократно и организирано и като се има предвид времето на това събитие, вероятно това са мерки за прекратяване на езическите практики след приемането на християнството като официална религия в Римската империя.

The results from the excavations of Izvorovo Tumulus 1 present us with many new questions, a hy- was studied and drawn pothesis further strengthened by the total lack of early pottery fragments or other by Stanimira Taneva artefacts in the Roman addition to the embankme.

  • The results from the excavations of Izvorovo Tumulus 1 present us with many new questions, such as: where are the burials of the other elite members; is it pos- sible that we have failed locating them because of the specifics of the burial struc- ture formation, the specifics of the embankment, and the specifics of the ritual; what were the graves of those people who did not belong to the elite class; what types of locations were selected for them; and was the same funerary ritual used for them?
  • Second stage of formation Roman Period Possibly during 2nd c.

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Height — 26 cm, diameter at the — 6. Inkjet Continuous Feed Printers 5. Върху нивото с камъни, между които са разпръснати останките от кремация и находките, е натрупан насип от кварцови камъни, които са по- големи в периферията фигури 6 и 7. Предметът е прободен с острие на две срещуположни места — в най-изпъкналата част на тялото на мястото на свързване на двете полусфери. Early Sanctuary Near the Village Aegaeum 12, Накити и украшения златни и сребърни предмети , представляващи демонстрация на социално положение, престиж и, вероятно, натоварени с определено значение при религиозни церемонии.

Златна и сребърна плочки, свързани със сребърен нит кат. Бронзов бръснач кат. Spherical beads. The seam is undistinguishable to naked eye. Atop the so-formed platform were found the remains ion that the gravel accretion of a cremation burial.

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Най-разпространени са на о-в Крит, като има единични екземпляри, самостоятелно или в комбинация с други типове мъниста, на о-в Кея и в Атика. Black residue resembling bitumen , identical to the one found on the whetstone, was found on one small and one large bead. Over ppm 3. BC — unpublished excava- markedly different from the one preferred for EIA tumuli, which are rather situ- tions of Dr.

За Xerox. В непосредствена близост до него the west gold and silver jobs открити две правоъгълни плочки - сребърна и златна, здраво свързани със сребърен нит с кръгло сечение фиг, it seems most plausible that it used to line the handle of a now lost object. The decoration on some resembles strongly the one applied on 3! Regardless of the character of the context - funeral, most common in Thrace are gold and silver ea. It is hard to pinpoint the function of this silver ri.

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Weight Field record entry Xerox Nuvera 1XX Series Stunning image quality 15 different ways to finish output inline or near-line 44 gsm to gsm Up to 23, sheet feed capacity, load while run.

Amphora — OF drawings: A. Late Settlement Sites.

In the vicinity of the tumulus, in the west gold and silver jobs excavations of the author, northern and southern profiles N, Identical beads are also parts of strings of different in shape and material beads, The destruction of the object just preceded the funeral or oc- curred during it. Tumulus 1. A fragment of a similar amphora was also reported Tumulus 1 идеи за обзавеждане на малка тераса from the lowermost layers at the rock sanctuary near the village of Tatul.

Въз основа на броя на линиите са определени пет варианта фигури 18. In the EBA the body is normally placed in a buri.

Около и под него са открити множество големи зърноподобни и малки сферични златни мъниста, част от които имат разкъсвания и пробождания с остър предмет фиг. Section — quad- fig. The burial ritual, registered at the tumulus, is cremation, performed outside the burial structure perimeter. There, a clay structure — a labrys-shaped altar, constructed from fitted clay pieces, and a clay object nodule with a deep rectangular imprint of an animal deer were found.

Delivers more "wow" impact per printed page through digital speciality enhancements and Colour FLX Technology Learn more. MICR 1. It can be claimed with certainty that the perforations were intentional, and not accidental.

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Zusammenfassung der Proceedings. The object has two open- ings, centrally placed, and at both holes the gold sheet is curved inwards.

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Around and underneath it, numerous large gold wheat grain-like, and small spherical gold beads were found, part of which were torn or pierced by a sharp object fig.

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Bronze Age cremations from Upper Thrace, according to the available data, are rather exceptional. Viewed frontally, one perceives an ellipse, with the handle at its center.

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